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Sigrid Ribbe a passioned Wellness Specialist

Profile : Sigrid Ribbe H.H.P.

Studied intensively autodidactic Health over 25 years and developed multiple comprehensive Wellness & Anti-Aging Programs which can reverse holistically applied any ailment.

She researched as a scientist & developed in the past 15 years amazing Herbal compositions in powder and Capsule form create from some of the most health beneficial greens & spices available from mother earth.

Herbal Tonic's to detox any form of parasites & brain toxins
Super healthy fruit juice combos/energy boosting drinks like red Synergy & Green Super Bull
Natural side effect free Antibiotics / Future biotics which clean effective colon and blood from any unhealthy virus bacteria & parasites

She is an excellent Gourmet health food chef and has created over 200 different Delicious Gourmet Vegetarian delicacies which will be soon released in here first Health Cook Book

Here Raw food products like here All-Purpose raw seasonings with Himalayan crystals are outstanding in quality and flavor !
And here so tasty and fabulous organic Pepper sauce add a healthy flavor into any food!

To name a few of here top selling herbal treasures:
She created 3 years ago 7 very interesting Super Health Products

from the well known Moringa or also called Miracle tree
1) Moringa Super Greens &

2) The Stamina enhancing Boom capsules

3) Power~Greens a fine & extremely consciously combine super foods greens which is functioning as multitasking healing tool for the entire body!

4 ) The most effective natural pain killer and Colon cleanse herbal blend capsule
Opti Health ~ Colon cleanse

5) Cardiotonic capsules made from Bear Paw Garlic & Green tea

6) Respo~Power capsules the perfect solution for all Respiratory system ailments

7) Sinus solution : 100% natural Nasolution (nasaldrops)
works as a combo pack with GSE and Chlorellas even on chronically sinus symptom's

She offers a wide variety on health /healing protocols also for so called terminal ailments

Detox programs from heavy metals and resistant parasites/fungus infestations

Amazing effective Anti- Aging Products and programs

Weight loss programs that really works (without starvation's)!!

She has devoted here life to create a platform for all health seeking people to find a truly wide variety of 100 % natural and reasonable Health Products this world need.

She also promotes environmental protection products and retails the amazing wind energy producing house unites which save your money and the Planet !

Sigrid has besides finding & developing amazing healing Treasure products and a breaking through therapies a passion to share and offers International Lectures , Work shops and Motivational speeches

Their perfect balance in life is the key to happiness health and success !

Here "Harmony Gardens Wellness team " offers very unique
Wellness Vacation packages in Montego Bay Jamaica

She truly believes that an even 2-3 weeks environmental changes can support healing on all levels.
Emotionally releases the tension created by family member / co workers
Spiritually opens up the visions to see much easier the brighter side of life in an sunny and lush green surrounding

Physically the fresh air sunlight and amazingly sun ripened Fruits and vegetables can and will change the entire metabolism to rejuvenate on the cellular level and support self healing rapidly.

Last but not leased... She put together an amazing team of Naturopath Medical Practitioners and Natural healers to open soon the doors of a Holistic Healing School facility located in Montego Bay Bay Jamaica where in 2011 3 different 3 weeks courses being offered to any Health interested persons or Medical Practitioner to accomplish their studies to become enabled to help without synthetic drug as a true supporter of natural self healing.

Sigrid Gaffga-Ribbe

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